The company make use of different technologies to develop products with the highest quality, greater strength and absolute comfort. The result is a footwear with a unique combination of elements that only Kildare is able to put together to provide the best experience for you.

Calçados Jacob

in December 22, 1928 in the city of Novo Hamburgo, in Rio Grande do Sul, Jacob & Co. was directed by Kurt Jacob, who had Adolfo Jaeger as his partner. Initially, the company manufactured sandals known by the name "Cruzeiro". It also had a button manufacturing sector, which were used in their own shoes, rather than buckles. Part of the production of these buttons was made available to third parties. The buttons were made of cardboard, which, after being pressed, were boiled in linseed oil to harden and only then painted their final color. A decade later, in the late 1930s, the company had about 150 employees and enjoyed wide acceptance across the country.

In the late 1940s, more precisely in May 12, 1947, the company changed its legal name to Calçados Jacob S.A., a name that remains today. Like other industries in the segment, it suffered from the 1960s crisis and almost had to close its doors. Its recovery came with Brazil's venture into exporting footwear, which boosted the company's business.

In the 1970s, it was consolidated with the Kildare brand and became extremely prosperous. The emergence of the Kildare brand was marked by an event that was curious to say the least. At the time, Calçados Jacob S.A. produced a man's shoes model in white leather, looking like the ones worn by doctors. There was at that same time, a medical TV series similar to “House, M.D.”, which was called Dr. Kildare, and customers went to stores asking for Dr. Kildare's shoes. The company noticed that and decided to register the trademark.

Today, Indústria de Calçados Jacob LTDA. has two footwear production units in the cities of Maratá and Cachoeira do Sul, and a sole manufacturing unit in São Leopoldo, in addition to its headquarters in Novo Hamburgo. All of them in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. In all, it employs about 450 people. The company is one of the most traditional Brazilian footwear companies, operating throughout Brazil and in over 30 countries. Exports account for 15% of the company's business.

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4. SINCE 1928

The Calçados Jacob S/A has manufactured and distributed comfortable and trustable shoes for men, since the 1920s.


Since 1972, Kildare is synonymous of men’s casual footwear in Brazil, investing in strong research to develop products that fit the market’s requirements.


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